ACF Custom Database Tables 1.1

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After many months of hard work version, 1.1.0 of our ACF Custom Database Tables plugin is finally done.

This release introduces support for the ACF Repeater Field type along with a number of other improvements and filters which enable developers to implement finer control over their custom database table structures.

This release ships with an upgrade to the generated JSON and PHP files used to route data in/out of custom database tables. This is triggered automatically, runs in the background, and should only take a second — you’ll see an admin notice indicating that it is either running or done. If, for some reason, this isn’t triggered or you have issues with fields not mapping correctly, you can run it manually at any time from the tools panel.

We already have a decent number of people running this plugin on their sites but as usual, play it safe and make sure you back up your sites and test in staging before deploying to your live websites.

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