В компанию Andromo требуется опытный специалист по WordPress (Elementor)

Вакансия закрыта

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Который сможет исправить проблемы и стать нашим субподрядчиком на будущее.

  • Название компании: Andromo LTD
  • Формат работы: Удалёнка
  • Занятость: Временная работа/Freelance
  • Оклад: 500 USD

Описание вакансии

We have a main website – andromo.com and a staging hosted at the siteground.com with a domain: staging7.andromo.com

We want to complete staging settings and move it to the main domain.

So we need an experienced WordPress (Elementor) specialist who can fix the issues and can become our subcontractor for the future.

There are several issues we need to fix at the staging.

The first issue – all plugins have to be organised so that each of them is called only at necessary pages, not all of them at all pages, because it slows down the page speed. We need to have page productivity ‘’90+’’ at the https://pagespeed.web.dev/ for both mobile and desktop versions.

Others issues are (some might be fixed after plugins optimisation):

  1. menu dropdown is crooked on small monitor screens
  2. header is gone for mobile and tab versions of the site
  3. in the elementor, when you open the uploaded image, there is no information about it (at least the name and link) and you have to search for it among the uploaded files only manually (and not by clicking on it, as it should be)
  4. images disappear from pages
  5. pop-up on the main page is displayed incorrectly – elements are shifted and just like in point 4 – the image is missing
  6. you need a language switch button in the header like on andromo.com
  7. Fix the Knowledge base images reflection
  8. Make the basic SEO optimisations – links, sitemap, etc
  9. Make the new staging ready for the movement to the main domain andromo.com

Screenshots will be provided ^^^


  • Контактное лицо – Роман
  • Telegram – @bariali

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