ClassifAI Expands OCR Scanning Capabilities To PDFs

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The recent 1.7 release of ClassifAI, our free plugin that augments WordPress-powered websites with artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, expanded its Optical Character Recognition (OCR) scanning capabilities to support multi-page PDF files.

ClassifAI leverages cloud-based services like IBM Watson and Microsoft Azure AI to enhance content management in WordPress with:

  • Automated content tagging and classification
  • Automated image tagging and descriptive alt text assignment
  • Smart focal point cropping of images
  • Bulk scanning of existing content
  • OCR text generation for screenshots, images, and PDFs

The integration of OCR scanning for screenshots and other imagery was introduced in the 1.6 release, on the heels of Facebook and Instagram dropping support for open embeds. Now, ClassifAI uses the same automated text scanning technology to scan and index text within PDF documents of all sizes, adding the text content to the media description field.

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